Inspiring Business Travel

Inspiring Business Travel


Welcome to
HIIVE Binh Duong

Designed with the business traveler in mind in every detail, HIIVE Binh Duong provides the ideal accommodation and experience for both long- and short-term business travel.

Situated in a premier location that is convenient for daily commerce and industry, the hotel offers a welcoming contemporary style that combines industrial chic and warm inviting spaces, all designed to provide the modern business traveler with space to recharge and relax.

HIIVE is a unique hotel that caters to both productivity and escapism by providing dedicated, light and airy workspaces in every room, and well-deserved home comforts to indulge in after a busy day. The HUB communal center is where guests can connect, kick back or network, all while enjoying culinary experiences that both delight and excite.


Convenience and easy access are priorities for business travellers, so HIIVE Binh Duong caters to both productivity and escapism.

The heart of
industrial zone

HIIVE combines prime location, comfortable accommodation, integrated business facilities and after-work socialising options that meet the needs of business people away from home.


10B Huu Nghi Boulevard, VSIP1, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

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